#ZaynPain & other more sobering events


So another week has gone by on our glorious planet, and the teenage population has gone into complete meltdown (along with a few more tragic older Directioners). Young honeys around the world are feeling the #ZaynPain and letting us all know about it. Literally everywhere. Like, it’s inescapable. The fans have now decided that they’re going to buy One Direction, like the boys are a real commodity for sale. Someone has actually done the maths so it seems legit. Maths = legit. Continue reading

the state of female double standards: Beyoncé’s L’Oréal pictures


It’s so hard to escape the trending columns this week, with so much showbizzy goodness to distract us from social and political monopolisation. Just to clarify: I’m totally team Amber Rose in the Muva vs. Khloe Kardash spat; there’s no escaping that Tyga should probably be helping out with his baby mama and not getting stuck into a 17 year old, but that’s just my opinion. Continue reading

giving up sugary shite (again) for lent


Today my morning has been sponsored by nutella, sugar and lemon juice, much like the mornings of many of us around the glorious United Kingdom. Our office has been overrun with sugar rushing officey types as we all celebrate (perhaps obtusely) because some guy who may or may not have existed and is now Kanye West took a trip into the desert to fast and pray. My morning looked a little like this: Continue reading

science says it’s ok that i’m late for everything


When it comes to just about anything in life, the rule seems to be that if science says it’s OK, it’s OK. For example, if nutritional science is telling you that it’s OK and even encouragable to be eating a blend of kale, spinach and broccoli for your brekkie, you run out and bag yourself a nutri bullet and fill that shit with anything green, in the hope that the gods of science will approve and make you slim, fit and healthy.

I for one am not one to argue with science (although I don’t own a nutri bullet and would prefer to eat a brownie than a handful of kale). We as humans have a lot to thank science for; the pillheads among us for their narcotics, the wounded among us for their medical prowess and ability to ease pain and heal, and now the lazy amongst us for their indissoluble theory as to why some people (me) are always late. Continue reading