my favourite conspiracy theories


The world is full of some absolutely fucking crackers conspiracy theories, and they are pretty much all hilarious. That is, discarding the ones that are pretty scary. From ‘Paul’s Dead’ to the ever-impending Chemtrails madness, madheads the world over have been serving up batch after batch of quality theories around anything and everything for all of time, as far as I know. Continue reading

shit i’m sick of hearing about in 2015


The internet is a glorious place. One where you can indulge in videos of cats playing with slinkies for hours on end, or stalk your fave z-list celeb’s every move (Michelle McManus’ Twitter feed, everyone). It can also be pretty soul destroying, turning almost every song you ever will like into a plethora of wanky parodies until you hate the song and refuse to believe you ever did like it…

Continue reading

a harry potter epiphany


So in the long dark days of the summer my mind tends to spend most of its time thinking about Harry Potter and chocolate. Sometimes at the same time. This has led me to have an epiphany so blowing of the mind that I felt the need to resurrect my blog simply to discuss it. Even if noone comments I might just start commenting on the post anyway with more HP musings as they enter my brain. Continue reading

#ZaynPain & other more sobering events


So another week has gone by on our glorious planet, and the teenage population has gone into complete meltdown (along with a few more tragic older Directioners). Young honeys around the world are feeling the #ZaynPain and letting us all know about it. Literally everywhere. Like, it’s inescapable. The fans have now decided that they’re going to buy One Direction, like the boys are a real commodity for sale. Someone has actually done the maths so it seems legit. Maths = legit. Continue reading