Not got a title for this everything seems shite

Good morrow loyal disciples, and thank you for your continued worship (I am your deity now).

I’ve thought long and hard about how to follow up a post about depression. I found my post opened up so many valuable conversations, and I’m so grateful for all of you. As someone who mainly relies on (well above par) humour, bringing the tone up after a post about such a struggle seems inauthentic.

This week saw the murder of George Floyd in public and on camera. I’ve spent the past few days trying to digest how the situation unfolded and blindly attempting to feel empathy for George. The truth is, as a white person there’s no way I can understand what life was like for George. There’s no way for me to comprehend the experience of being black in America. I will never walk the street in fear of being profiled as a threat; I am lucky enough to live in a microcosm so far removed from the black experience.

This week’s events are vile. But the murder of George Floyd is not the first, nor will it be the last. Trying to educate myself (someone who I consider a well educated and well rounded individual) on the black experience has been difficult at best – there’s so much out there happening that I don’t have to acknowledge because I benefit every day from the systems put in place to keep me protected and well.

Coming to terms with the reality of systematic racism and the ways modern slavery in the States is designed from the ground up to incarcerate and criminalise black Americans is a constant learning process – aside from donating to the Minnesota Freedom Fund and trying not to shy away from the reality of the situation out there, I haven’t done a thing to help. Which feels redundant. But as a writer rediscovering her voice, I feel compelled to ask my (albeit small) readership to at least look into what’s happening right now in America.

I’m under no illusion that this will help anything at all. I merely want to add my voice of solidarity to the people being killed every day. I can go to the shop without fearing I’ll be arrested; I can play with a water pistol without being shot on sight.

I hope that you will consider looking closer at the ways the States persecutes and represses its black citizens. I hope you’ll see that in our communities black people are suffering. And I hope you will at least understand that as a young woman from a very middle class city, I’m at least doing my best to make myself aware of prejudice and violence against minorities across the world. It’s what we all need to do.

I promise I’ll write an article about something much more uplifting next week. For now, please consider donating to the Minnesota Freedom Fund.

There’s a final sentence in here somewhere about Donald Trumps call for violence on rightfully angry communities, but I’m yet to find the words.

Love you honeys, be safe.


2 thoughts on “Not got a title for this everything seems shite”

  1. This is so important, thank you for shining a light. I’ve written a similar post on what we can all do to combat racism and support the BLM movement. So pleased to read that you feel the same way.


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