So on Wednesday I had a bit of a meltdown day. You know the kind; it seems like the world is actively trying to get in the way of anything good happening to you, and you spend the day wishing that everyone and everything would just fuck off. I’d had a couple of cocktails the night before which probably didn’t help anything, and to make matters even worse my eyebrows looked like shit, which was always going to put me in a bad mood. Continue reading “…”


Ello, Bonjour, Καλημερα and welcome! my name is Madeleine, hailing from God’s own country of Yorkshire and daydreaming through 20s life in London town. As I’m shit at keeping secrets, it’s probably best to come clean now; I’ve never written a blog for myself in my life. But please don’t hit the top right red-cross-of-death just yet, ‘cause it might be that I’m actually alright at it… Continue reading “aloha”