team edward!!!!

Despite the fact that ladies, gents, mams and grans have all set their hearts on one Edward the world over, the only Edward for me has scissors for hands and a penchant for leather. Although Edward Scissorhands may not be a vampire, his scissors still sparkle just like Mr Cullen in the sunlight, and he has the added bonus of being a great gardener (assuming, of course, that both characters exist)…

Last night I had the chance to get just that little bit closer to my favourite Ed – from the Second Circle of the Sadler’s Wells Theatre. As a present for my recent (and rather disheartening) 23rd birthday, my partner in crime Chrissie bought us tickets for Matthew Bourne’s Edward Scissorhands ballet, and it was a complete blinder.

Being a ballet virgin, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. So, like all sane people tend to do, I donned a floorlength black velvet gown and wore my sassiest black lipstick and prepared to weep my way through the performance. Whilst, yes, I was the only person who looked remotely like Edward himself in the whole audience, and I’m not sure whether some of our fellow attendees weren’t looking at me like I was an utter idiot, I had an absolute ball, and would recommend it to any aspiring goths/Ed wanabees/general people.

As a treat for all my adoring fans, I’m including perhaps the most brilliant ‘face-in-hole’ picture I’ve ever been a part of. I could actually be Johnny Depp himself, although I am totally more goth.


Go see it! It’s loads better than Twilight (TEAM JACOB FOREVER)

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