Making A Murderer: whodunnit?

S P O I L E R S   A H E A D   B I T C H E S

If you haven’t seen Netflix documentary Making A Murderer then fuck off this page before you get really offended by all the thousands of spoilers and shit.

Like just about every person and his nan, I became obsessed with Netflix documentary series Making A Murderer last week. I binge-watched the 10-hour show in three days – which believe me is a pretty long time compared to some people – and have spent every waking moment since shouting questions about injustice and murder at people in the street (not really).

I’m not going to waste all your time telling the story of Making a Murderer, if you’re here reading this is likely you’ve already seen the thing. If for some reason you’re lazy and hoping to find out what happens then here is the world’s shortest synopsis: Man (Steven Avery) sent down for rape. Didn’t do it. Got proven innocent after 18 fucking years. Police mad. Woman murdered. Avery sent prison again. Still there. So is his 16 year old nephew Brendan. Probably innocent again. I did warn you it would be brief, you can watch it on Netflix for a slightly more thorough run-through.

So anyway to avoid exploding with rage I have spent the past few days scouring the internet reading other people’s theories about what really went on in the case of Teresa Halbach. Reddit of course provided most of the goods so I thought I would collate the findings I found most interesting and pop them on my own blog for anyone who can’t be arsed to go searching for them. Clearly I am some kind of saint or something.

Note: There is SO MUCH I want to say about this documentary and the case, so beware that this post may end up being very long, very boring and kinda shit. Soz mush.

Here are my top three Reddit theories about what really happened:

The ex did it:

Teresa’s shady ex Ryan Hillegas shows up in the documentary quite a lot, along with her brother Mike Halbach. Both don’t seem overly arsed that the girl is dead, and like everyone in the series they’re just determined that Avery is guilty and has to be found guilty. They sent Teresa’s aunt directly to the site where her car is found on Avery’s property – a property which is several acres in size and would take hours upon hours to search – which she locates after just a short time. The car itself is shady as fuck, as Avery had access to a car crusher which would’ve better destroyed the vehicle.

The ex had access to Teresa’s voicemail – along with the shady brother – and it was found that some of those voicemails had been deleted. He was also never questioned or even asked for an alibi by the fuckwit police. Also he looks really fucking shifty. More on this here.

Bobby Dassey & Scott Tadych did it:

I fully believe this theory, even though it makes me mad sad and more sad to think that Bobby Dassey let his brother rot in jail for something he did. Bobby – the elder brother of Brendan Dassey who is currently in jail for his involvement in the crime – and Scott Tadych were both on the Avery property at the same time as Teresa was there to photograph the car. They are each other’s only alibi, and their testimonies were pretty inconsistent and also pretty much a crock of shit.

Bobby Dassey actually had fresh scratches down his back when questioned, and yet neither him or Tadych were DNA tested or considered possible suspects. There were in fact a few chaps on the property who could’ve been suspects, but the police wanted Steven Avery so bad they weren’t even persons of interest. There’s loads on this theory but here and here are good places to start.

The “German Man” did it:

Although this thread has now been removed from Reddit, this theory is outlined in a blog post by Brian McCorkle – a winning name if ever I did see one – and details a Wisconsin woman who began recording strange behaviour from her husband. He began sleeping in their attic, cut all the labels from her clothing and it emerged that he was a bit of a pyromaniac; he’d burnt himself in the past and had a history of burning her clothing.

On the day of Teresa’s disappearance and likely the day she was killed the husband had visited the area and spoke of visiting an auto salvage yard. He spoke of a conversation with a photographer woman and said she was “stupid”. Supposedly the wife noticed his scratched back and a cut on his finger which refused to stop bleeding… Honestly there’s way too much shit in this theory to cope with – or to record when I can’t be arsed making this too long – but if it’s all true then this guy is a serious contender in the “guilty” stakes. Read the blog post here.


Clearly there’s absolutely fucking loads of theories flying around about what happened, and it may well be that we’ll never know. Certainly we’ll never know for sure, what with all the evidence tampering and false witnesses and general SHITE law enforcement efforts. Maybe I believe Avery is innocent of a violent crime he truly did commit, and furthermore maybe it’s best that we all do believe he’s guilty, ‘cause it would be fucking unfathomable if he’d been failed that badly by the justice system on two separate occasions.

Finally I’d like to let you all know that I think this guy is a massive c-word:


What do you think? Guilty or not guilty?

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