sugar addiction: i’ve gone cold turkey

My name’s Madi and I’m a sugarholic.

Like most people on the planet (saying that makes me feel better), I overindulged over Christmas. Prior to December, I’d actually managed to get into a nice routine of three meals a day, and kept snacking to a minimum (which is a momentous achievement for myself), but the festivities reeled me back in (much like a crack addict) to an earlier version of myself, who snacked all day on chocolatey goodness and slept past midday. Continue reading “sugar addiction: i’ve gone cold turkey”

summer is coming

So the shortest day of the year has been and gone, and Christmas dinner feels like it was about two weeks ago, and that means one thing: it’s practically summer. Come to think of it, it was actually pretty mafting in the run-up to Crimbo; global warming treating east London to a toasty 13 degrees of your finest celsius in mid-December! You what.

So as I’m heading back to work after Christmas, and realising that it is in fact almost time for Summer, I’m thinking about just how many fucking Ibiza statuses the internet is going to have to put up with over the coming months. The way in which people have altered their lives to become drug-hounding deep-house-skanking Ibiza ravers is beyond me; the UK has literally gone mad. Continue reading “summer is coming”