Ello, Bonjour, Καλημερα and welcome! my name is Madeleine, hailing from God’s own country of Yorkshire and daydreaming through 20s life in London town. As I’m shit at keeping secrets, it’s probably best to come clean now; I’ve never written a blog for myself in my life. But please don’t hit the top right red-cross-of-death just yet, ‘cause it might be that I’m actually alright at it…

I’ve always wanted to write a blog, but I’ve found a way to put myself off each and every time I’ve started writing: would anyone really care about what I have to say? (Oh, woe is me, I’m so misunderstood blah blah etc…)

However, rejoice young padwans, for I’ve finally deemed my thoughts publishable.. Sure, I’m not one of those people who doesn’t give a flying fuck what others have to say about me; I could (and do) spend all day worrying about people opinions. I guess I’m hoping that by sharing my thoughts with anyone who happens to stumble through here that I’ll reach a kind of cathartic Nirvana, and find myself bathing in riches down a river of self-love (I’m joking, I promise). I think I’ve just learned to value my own opinion as relevant, and I’ve dared to hope that people might find my word-vomit interesting, and maybe even helpful.

I’ve honestly not sat down and put a lot of thought into what I might have to chat about on here. I guess I should start by pledging my undying love to Harry Potter, in the hope that you’ll feel the same. I picked up my first Potter book in the states aged 7, and never looked back. A whole 16 years later (I really am getting on) and I’ve racked up 20-odd readings of the 7-part series, lost countless days to the films and immortalised some Potter goodness on my body in five HP tattoos (my mum was well impressed).

So, I’m going to give this blogging thing a go and hopefully (please baby Jesus) I’ll be able to dish out some interesting stuff. I make no apologies for the amount of Harry Potter posts that will undoubtedly fill the pages of this blog, just so you know…

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