10 times you were the grinch in 2014

Christmas is proper good innit. It’s acceptable to sit around in your pants, eating chocolate orange and watching shit TV. Like I’ve mentioned before, the Christmas spirit is all around us and we’re all a big ball of light and fun for three weeks in the calendar year.

There are many Christmas characters that we can relate to over the festive period, in particular:


However, Christmas comes and goes (alas), and there’s one guy that we all know and love, who though we may see him on our screens but once a year, we relate to him all year round. That’s right: The Grinch. The sassiest Holiday Cheermeister that Whoville ever did see.

Now you might be thinking “I’m not the fucking Grinch, I’m the happiest honey around”, and yes that may be true. But within us all lives a Grinch, large or small (I was going to take that rhyme out but I think it’s Christmassy so it’s staying), and I bet you can relate to all these gifs. That’s right, the gifs are back.

So here’s the 10 times that you were The Grinch in 2014:

1. Last Tuesday (and perhaps every Tuesday of the year) when the Domino’s pizza tracker said your Two For Tuesdays was en-route and it arrived an hour and a half later:tumblr_lxz8urZ70L1r1prf02. That very same Tuesday when you got started on your second pizza:


3. Yesterday, today, and probably every day of your life that you found yourself Facebook stalking anyone and everyone who lives within a 30-mile radius:


4. The time that you ran for the bus, and that Satanic bastard drove off without waiting:


5. Every day, when you arrive home from a hard day’s work / study / doing absolutely nothing:



6. Trying to get into your new jeans:


7. Every time you consider leaving the sofa to go and socialise with humanity:

urlChristmas Tips 1tumblr_lv7le6KnCl1qaxm50o3_r1_250




8. Back in October when a keen few retailers started blasting out their crimbo music way too early:


9. Trying on all your fiercest gear for the perfect outfit for the upcoming work’s Christmas party:




10. Around this time, every year, when you reach for the gym sign-up form, knowing that this is going to be the year that you finally lose those few extra pounds:


…And when you hear anyone else say the same thing:


One week ‘til Christmas!

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