sudocrem is life

So I know its a bit of a revolting subject, but I suffer pretty badly from rank skin. Last year, around September time, my body decided to go into meltdown just in time for my final year of uni (cheers) and I developed an awful skin condition which still goes undiagnosed by the so-called professionals of various doctors surgeries/walk-ins in Sheffield.

So I figured I’d write this as a small guide to anyone who is cursed with sensitive skin, or skin ailments such as eczema or psoriasis (both of which the docs said I could have, but probably/maybe didn’t have and they didn’t really have a fucking clue and would I like a prescription for some more random cream?).

Now, I’ve pretty much had every cream under the sun for sensitive and irritated skin. There was one point where my most favourite doctor (prick) advised I cover my body in Diprobase 3 times a day to treat it, which resulted in me being an oily eel for a good month of my life, living the greased up dream and being (hypothetically) the least comfortable person on campus. Safe to say, it didn’t make a difference and I just continued my disdain for GPs (isn’t it your job to heal me, people?) and hatred for my manky skin.

This went on for a good 9 months (woe is me) while I writhed my way through agitated seminars, lectures and exams (I know it’s a pleasant image but I feel that the truth is the only way to express my hell). I then discovered steroid cream, a lovely little guy who will clear up the issue for a short while, but once you’re lulled into a false sense of security he’ll spring back and let his mates (the lords of skin ailment) run riot (love a good analogy) (and a pair of brackets).

Steroid cream is all well and good in the short-term, but if, like me, your skin hell is a longer running issue, its really unadvisable to use over a long period of time.

Doctor Madeye (me) has however discovered a treatment which has at least kept my own personal hell at bay for the past few months, and that, my friends, is Sudocrem. The king of all creams.

Sudocrem costs about one-fiddy from the local pharmacy, and I’m sure they sell it in other places too. For anyone suffering with dry or irritated skin, I’d say nash down to Boots right away and grab yourself an industrial tub, layering it on just before bed on days when you’re feeling in need (I’m a self confessed Sudocrem addict and use it every day) (I really do love brackets don’t I?).

Save yourself bags of coin and loads of hassle and follow the advice of an online blogger with no medical experience whatsoever, you’re sure to have baby soft skin in no time (no really, my skin is pretty soft now).

Is this the most boring blog post ever made? Have I truly run out of things to talk about to the point where I’m discussing my skin?

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