thoughts on the political media and the freedom of speech

There’s something not quite right at the moment, isn’t there? Whenever we look at the news, the newspaper or the Daily Mail sidebar of shame (I look too) there’s nothing but terror, organised crime and reasons to mistrust and actively oppose other humans.

I really am no politician whatsoever, and so don’t have much of a leg to stand on when making political comments, but in my opinion that’s what they want. Not Ed Miliband, David Cameron, Nick Clegg or even the laughable Nigel Farage (I know a bit about a couple of his policies) want the public to really make an informed decision when they vote later on this year, they’re dancing around their policies and chopping and changing their standards at any opportunity.

The other day thousands of people (me included) published images of pens, pencils, paintbrushes and opposing guns with the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie, in support of the freedom for people to stand up and say what they think. I think it’s utter bollocks that people are now being criticised for supporting Charlie Hebdo; a vast majority didn’t agree with the cartoons that were published, but that same majority disagreed on a whole other level with the way in which those cartoonists were gunned down for their art. How about letting people show their support for the freedom of speech?

It’s a shame that at the moment everyone seems to be looking for an argument against solidarity. Noone on the planet is innocent of hypocrisy, least of all the leaders who gathered to honour the dead in yesterday’s demonstration in Paris; should that be jammed down the throats of the people who are trying to show support and togetherness in a time when we’re told by our media to fear our neighbours, our neighbours’ cousins, and their cat?

Whilst I agree that people should have the right to express their thoughts, I am wholeheartedly fearful of the global media at the moment. Have you seen much about Ebola in the news this week? What about the conflict in Ukraine? Did you know that 2000 people have been slaughtered recently by Bako Haram? The media, whilst preaching about the freedom of speech, has been feeding society with their censored version of global affairs, to give us fresh fear and distract us from our own situations.

The inability of a lot of people to vote for the way in which the country is run is not the fault of the masses. Sure, there are people that truly don’t care who or what runs this country and in what way, until their taxes rise and their food shop becomes that little more difficult, but that’s the fault of these political pillars of disillusionment, who don’t allow for an informed decision from their public.

It’s a dim view of the world that I have at the moment, and I personally hate being so negative about the global institutions that I’m giving shit to here. Am I a hypocrite too for slating the media whilst championing freedom of speech?

Too many questions and not enough answers. It seems like a bit of a shame that we’re all being turned on each other by influences we can’t control.

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