an open letter to 2016

Dear 2016,

I’ve been trying to avoid expelling my angst against you online because noone likes an online bully, but I think it’s time we addressed a few issues.

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thoughts on the political media and the freedom of speech

There’s something not quite right at the moment, isn’t there? Whenever we look at the news, the newspaper or the Daily Mail sidebar of shame (I look too) there’s nothing but terror, organised crime and reasons to mistrust and actively oppose other humans.
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is russell brand the mockingjay?

If there were ever any doubts in the minds of society at large that I am in fact a VIP, they have now been shattered…

While I can hear you all thinking: “Who in their right mind would doubt such a thing?”, the sad truth is that somewhere out there, in a world not unlike our own, the haters are hating. Wherever these haters may be, I can now confirm that they are not at Odeon cinemas in Greenwich, ‘cause those cinematic superstars laid out their red carpets and prepped the best seats in the house for yours truly to watch Mockingjay: Part One on yesterday’s fine Wednesday evening. The truth of the matter is my mate works at the Nando’s next door and bagged us the freebie tickets. I’m not really a VIP, sob. Continue reading “is russell brand the mockingjay?”