is russell brand the mockingjay?

If there were ever any doubts in the minds of society at large that I am in fact a VIP, they have now been shattered…

While I can hear you all thinking: “Who in their right mind would doubt such a thing?”, the sad truth is that somewhere out there, in a world not unlike our own, the haters are hating. Wherever these haters may be, I can now confirm that they are not at Odeon cinemas in Greenwich, ‘cause those cinematic superstars laid out their red carpets and prepped the best seats in the house for yours truly to watch Mockingjay: Part One on yesterday’s fine Wednesday evening. The truth of the matter is my mate works at the Nando’s next door and bagged us the freebie tickets. I’m not really a VIP, sob.

Let’s talk about Mockingjay.

So just like my good self and any other VIP, Katniss Everdeen* has to put up with a few player haters. Being an absolutely huge fan of the books, I’ve sat waiting with baited breath and tears in my heart for the third of four Hunger Games installments, and holy shit I was not disappointed. While I am semi-joking about myself as a VIP, Katniss is the actual bomb (not weather bomb), and I’m already counting down the days until the finalé is unveiled.

*For those who don’t know, Katniss is the main character of The Hunger Games, and she’s a badass revolutionary. The Mockingjay is a symbol of said revolution.

Watching the fictional revolution as led by the Mockingjay got me thinking: why is it that some revolutionists are the heroes and some chucked out as a shower of shite?

…I want to take a moment to go all Chris-Crocker-over-Britney about Russell Brand. (LEAVE RUSSELL ALONE!! HE’S A HUMAN!!!)

Poor Russell is taking a bit of a beating at the moment. These past few weeks particularly have seen his efforts to help out the masses of people less fortunate than his and many of our selves written off by the newspapers as hypocrisy. Yep, you’ve guessed it, I’m comparing Russell Brand to an arrow-slinging badass who doesn’t actually exist. I’m right though.

There are many things which people can and say about Russell Brand that I agree with. Yep, his hair’s not as nice as the braid J-Law rocks as Katniss, and yep he’s far too eloquent to ever really engage with the lower classes which he champions, but he actually talks a lot of sense.

Now, I’m about as politically active as Mr Bean (does Mr Bean vote? Surely not). When it comes down to it, I’d probably rather have Mr Bean as the head of our country than Farage, Miliband or Cameron. And that’s not ‘cause I’ve sat and combed through their policies and made an informed decision, that’s just ‘cause I think Mr Bean knows his stuff. Yes, I know that it’s important that I do vote and that ‘every vote counts’ and all that jazz, but I can’t help but think that all of our current options are a bit twattish, regardless of their tie colour. In fact, the last time I voted it was for ‘champion of the students’ Nick Clegg, and look at where that got us (cheers Nick, you rock). In-keeping with my Mockingjay metaphor; why should any of us vote for the President Snow’s of the land, when there’s a Mockingjay talking a shed load more sense on the streets?

I once made the mistake of trying to read our Russ’ Booky Wook back in the day. Not heard of it? It took me longer to read than the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, and they’re pretty tough going. It’s almost as though Russell doesn’t really want you to get the point of what he’s saying, and has just thrown a whole load of words onto a page and sent it to his manager. However, his new Revolution offering (which by the way I have only read snippets of), actually shows how he’s trying to use his celebrity for the good of the oppressed, and is worth a perusal.

Although it can’t be denied that I’m a complete superstar on the keyboard, I myself am not quite as equipped to talk about social oppression as I am to talk about daytime lippy, and so you can listen to Russell’s slightly more informed and arguably more eloquent views below.

Long live the Mockingjay.

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