thoughts on keyboard warriors

Like everyone on the planet I’m a complete social media addict, and I too spend my mornings, evenings, nights and everything in between scrolling through various news feeds on my phone to keep up with the lives of people who I probably don’t really care much about whatsoever. We’re all addicted to information; following the meltdowns, relationships and eating habits of the population has become real genuine entertainment for us.

Now, I didn’t really used to post much on Facebook or Twitter until I started this blog, but I’m pretty sure I now come under the category of an ‘annoying Facebooker’. This in turn gives me the right to give a load of shit to other people who use social media like a mother-fucking diary.

I struggle most days with wondering what I should write on here. I find it so so hard to find anything that I might have to say remotely interesting, and asking the public at large to spend even a few minutes of their time reading through my brain vomit has almost gotten too much for me at times; I barely wrote anything over the festive period ‘cause I just didn’t think my writing was that good.

I think it takes a special kind of self-obsession to become a blogger, and I’ve pretty much learned to accept the fact that I probably look like I love myself to a lot of people on the Internet. However, I think it takes an even more self-absorbed moron to deem every single thought in your mind or activity you do to be the business of Facebook and Twitter; surely if you’re having such a fucking mint time you’re too busy to update your status and gloat to the masses?

If you love your boyfriend/girlfriend/pet rabbit so much, go tell them, or give them a call if they’re not around. Fair enough check yourself in on a special occasion, and tell the world just how fantastic a day you’re having, but next time you hit the ‘feeling fantastic’ button and go for the upload, have a little pause to think whether anyone actually gives a shit. Put your phone down and go and have a good time! Blog about it later on or something.

While Facebook soldiers get on my tits, they’re largely pretty harmless and I’m probably just jealous that they’re visiting all these fabulous places worthy of a check-in and doing all this rockstar shit that’s so outstanding the rest of the world must look on in awe. However, I truly believe there’s a small place reserved in the depths of hell for Internet trolls, who literally spend their sad, uninteresting little lives just trying to stir up shit online and make people feel bad about themselves.

There’s enough mean people outside of the Internet guys, why take it to the keyboard?! If you wish to lament on an issue you feel strongly about, then preach it, but don’t hide behind your desktop monitor and chuck insults into the void of the net just to make yourself feel better. I literally saw Kim K (I need to stop talking about that woman) upload a photo to Instagram the other day, and most of the comments from anonymous people who have never and will never get close enough to the woman herself to even glimpse the back of her head were stuff like “I hope you get rabies and die” and other such lovely messages of support, which quite frankly are fucking disgusting. How would you feel if poor Kim actually got some dreaded rabies? surely not happy. Tell it to the Hitlers of the world, not to the reality TV stars.

Having said all this, if everyone stopped their Facebooking ways, I’d have noone left to stalk, and noone wants to have to actually resort to real-life communication now do they? So for those who document their lives online, keep it up guys. I’m only jealous.

P.S. I know you might think this post is well hypocritical and I’m truly not arsed!

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