thoughts on keyboard warriors

Like everyone on the planet I’m a complete social media addict, and I too spend my mornings, evenings, nights and everything in between scrolling through various news feeds on my phone to keep up with the lives of people who I probably don’t really care much about whatsoever. We’re all addicted to information; following the meltdowns, relationships and eating habits of the population has become real genuine entertainment for us.

Now, I didn’t really used to post much on Facebook or Twitter until I started this blog, but I’m pretty sure I now come under the category of an ‘annoying Facebooker’. This in turn gives me the right to give a load of shit to other people who use social media like a mother-fucking diary. Continue reading “thoughts on keyboard warriors”

bring back bebo

Ah, the early Internet. Throughout the nineties, it was a  place of unexplored greatness stretching before us into the millenium, filled with the promise of Twittering, leaked nudes and viral videos of a badly behaved dog named Fenton. Continue reading “bring back bebo”