So exciting times are here in the world of my blog. That is of course assuming that you get excited by the world of my blog, which naturally you all do. As I’ve now realised that ‘musings of a madeleine’ is just a little too whimsical and airy fairy, and I am in fact more in likeness to Madeye Moody than I ever could have hoped, I’ve gone over to the lovely, shorter and more friendly domain name at www.madeye.co.uk.

I think I must’ve taken leave of my senses when I registered on here using my full name. Since childhood I’ve eschewed the name Madeleine with a firm hand; various forms of the word ‘Mad’ are generally used to holler at me. I’ve been the Maddog (and still am in a lot of phonebooks no doubt), Madeye (my personal fave) and even just ‘Mad’ which is perfectly acceptable.

I feel the move away from Madeleine is a sign that I’m feeling more settled in this here blogging space; less of a Madeleine and more of a Madeye. Of course you’ll all be adding www.madeye.co.uk to your list of faves and be hitting the follow button below to keep up with my various brain vomit (please please and thrice pleeease subscribe, it makes me feel like the princess I am).


Thanks huns.

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