giving up sugary shite (again) for lent

Today my morning has been sponsored by nutella, sugar and lemon juice, much like the mornings of many of us around the glorious United Kingdom. Our office has been overrun with sugar rushing officey types as we all celebrate (perhaps obtusely) because some guy who may or may not have existed and is now Kanye West took a trip into the desert to fast and pray. My morning looked a little like this:

Now as you may know from my moaning about illness and lack of posting recently that I’ve failed miraculously at giving up sugar, but they do tell you to feed a cold after all so I was totally fenced into taking the chocolate and sweets back into my heart during my recovery. That being said, perhaps judging by this I’m not the person to place your bets on lasting out any lent commitments.

However, I’m actually going to have a go, now I’m actually feeling a little more human. I figure that now is as good a time as any to give it another go and try and stay off the sugary goodness, so watch this space for more angry sugar-deprived behaviour as I’m tempted by Satan (my friends) in the desert (my house) just like that fabled Jesus guy over the next 40 days and 40 nights. I wonder if Jesus was offered mint flavoured Matchmakers, ‘cause I don’t reckon he’d have been able to resist that shit.

I wonder if Kanye will be abstaining for anything? He is after all the second coming of Jesus.


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