the state of female double standards: Beyoncé’s L’Oréal pictures

It’s so hard to escape the trending columns this week, with so much showbizzy goodness to distract us from social and political monopolisation. Just to clarify: I’m totally team Amber Rose in the Muva vs. Khloe Kardash spat; there’s no escaping that Tyga should probably be helping out with his baby mama and not getting stuck into a 17 year old, but that’s just my opinion.

Poor old Beyoncé has been at the forefront of the tabloid tirade this week, as in what is deemed genuinely surprising by some of her haters, the world learned that she’s not actually as flawless as she may sing about. Bey has been criticised worldwide after unretouched pictures of her with a bit of a breakout and some less than flattering light were released into the waiting arms of the angry mob of online trolls. I’m not even going to bother sharing them here, ’cause I’ve had enough of looking at them, but I’m sure a simple Twitter search can rustle them up for you.

Firstly, if anyone actually thinks that Beyoncé, or any other person on this planet is perfect, you’re an imbecile. It’s no secret that photos of celebrities are retouched; there’s been a few monumental leaks of the originals throughout time, why would anyone be surprised that underneath all the status everyone is in fact human? I can’t grasp the stupidity of people who think it’s necessary to complain about Queen Bey having less than perfect skin; if you or I were placed under fluorescent lights and caked in makeup we would all look a little on the Pat Butcher side.

The great irony here is that women (and men) around the world have been crying out for realistic beauty standards, and yet when the reality of our beautiful idols hits the social media sites, “fans” from around the world think its appropriate and even necessary to slate their lack of irreverent perfection and call them out for deception. Take a look at your own Instagram pages with your own shite attempts to airbrush yourselves and ask yourselves just how happy you’d be if the original made it online, with your botched foundation job and teeny tiny eye wrinkles.

The double standards of women in society are just fucking infuriating; whatever you may think of Bey (and yes I too heard her sing along to the “Anna May” section of Drunk In Love), she’s done a lot for the feminist movement and she really does seem to fight for equality, which is after all what so many armchair feminists claim to be fighting for. If you want to be a better female how about shouting about Afroman for batting one of his fans in the face on stage; now that’s not very neighbourly. Let Beyoncé live bitches.


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