#ZaynPain & other more sobering events

So another week has gone by on our glorious planet, and the teenage population has gone into complete meltdown (along with a few more tragic older Directioners). Young honeys around the world are feeling the #ZaynPain and letting us all know about it. Literally everywhere. Like, it’s inescapable. The fans have now decided that they’re going to buy One Direction, like the boys are a real commodity for sale. Someone has actually done the maths so it seems legit. Maths = legit. Continue reading “#ZaynPain & other more sobering events”

clarkson, Kanye and eclipse

So I realise that I have been entirely slack on this whole blogging thing, and many of you may have forgotten just how wonderful and genius I truly am. The (sad) truth is, I have run out of amusing things to tell you and embarrassing stories to recount. Continue reading “clarkson, Kanye and eclipse”