monday morning #2

So I wrote a post not so long ago when I started keeping this blog about Monday morning. It kinda digressed somewhat into a monologue about that time I went to see Shamu (no h8) and suffered from chafing and embarrassment for the rest of the day though, and so I’m guessing its alright for me to double up on post inspo and talk once again about the glorious Monday morning vibez. Continue reading “monday morning #2”

monday morning

Well, it’s Monday morning. The first Monday morning, in fact, since I started up this little space of heavenly blogging. I fear that the only people visiting the blog are my mandem and my mum (hi mum), but if by any chance you’ve stumbled upon here through a misread link or something, I’ll tell you a little bit about a Monday morning in my life… Continue reading “monday morning”