monday morning #2

So I wrote a post not so long ago when I started keeping this blog about Monday morning. It kinda digressed somewhat into a monologue about that time I went to see Shamu (no h8) and suffered from chafing and embarrassment for the rest of the day though, and so I’m guessing its alright for me to double up on post inspo and talk once again about the glorious Monday morning vibez.

If I’m entirely honest, I don’t really have a lot to talk about at the moment. I’ve started countless posts to go on here and written a few that went straight into the scrap bin, so maybe (but probs not) I’ve lost my blogging mojo. How do you get that shit back?

Anyway, I’m deeming this morning and other mornings which fall on a Monday to be a bloggable subject, and hopefully if this post actually makes it to the internet you’ll all agree.

So I wanted to talk a little bit about just why Monday morning isn’t that bad. If you’re incredibly sad and involved in my blog enough to react emotionally, you may now be screaming silently at your phone or iPad or computer or whatever such device you’re using that Monday morning is the bane of human existence and you’re not reading any more of my shite. That’s fair enough babycake, some people genuinely believe that Monday mornings were sent by Satan to bring us down a peg or two, and if that’s your prerogative then who am I to question.

I personally don’t think Mondays are so bad, and I’ll give you a reason or three as to why I make this bold claim:

  1. You’re so beautifully rested from the weekend (if like me you work that glorious 9-5) that you should be top of your game on a Monday morning. Once you get going, Monday should be your most productive day, judging by the shambles that is Friday afternoon.
  2. Mondays are in no way any different from Tuesdays, Thursdays, or even Wednesdays. It’s all in your mind. Telling yourself that Monday mornings suck is just you being your pessimistic self (and I can be guilty of this). If you think of Monday like any other day, it won’t be half as bad. On average, people don’t smile on a Monday morning until 11.16am; how fucking miserable, don’t be that guy.
  3. By the time Monday morning is over, you’re pretty much knocking on the door of Friday. That might be an exaggeration, but the feeling of relief once you make it through the dreaded Monday morning doesn’t come around for the next three days (which are a whole load shitter than Mondays).
  4. Because we all chill the fuck out on our pollution efforts over the weekends, Monday is statistically the least rainy day of the week, and that is really something to cherish when you live in England.
  5. Leonardo DiCaprio was born on a Monday; good things do happen in the world.


Have a delicious Monday.

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