dreams do come true

I brewed up a successful batch of Polyjuice Potion, and became Hermione Granger (took me fucking ages to get right). Spent the day with Harry and Ron throwing shit at Filch’s cat, then had a go on Viktor Krum later on and was not disappointed.
Unsure on how I’ve still not got my name down for Hogwarts


Happy Saturday.

bedtime romance

Is anyone else an avid sleep-talker?

At the risk of talking about one of the most boring subjects on the planet, I’m going to talk once again about myself (shock) and about the issues I have with sleep-talking.

Now when we’re asleep, we’re supposedly off in another world; Dumbledore would have us think that “in dreams we enter a world that is entirely our own”. Dreams boggle my mind, quite frankly, as I just don’t get which part of the mind dictates how many times my subconscious self can pine for donuts and snogs with Ron Weasley. Continue reading “bedtime romance”