the state of female double standards: Beyoncé’s L’Oréal pictures

It’s so hard to escape the trending columns this week, with so much showbizzy goodness to distract us from social and political monopolisation. Just to clarify: I’m totally team Amber Rose in the Muva vs. Khloe Kardash spat; there’s no escaping that Tyga should probably be helping out with his baby mama and not getting stuck into a 17 year old, but that’s just my opinion. Continue reading “the state of female double standards: Beyoncé’s L’Oréal pictures”

a celebration of glorious makeup

The evolution of my makeup skills has been slow and painful. There were the days that a slick of mascara and some finger-applied foundation were all I donned for a night out:


Peace, man.

The black-eyed metal rocker eye-makeup overload I-want-to-be-Taylor-Momsen phase (nailed it):

1157427_10153222809125451_1331408073_n Continue reading “a celebration of glorious makeup”