how to cope with seeing Justin Bieber in concert

Life is shit, let’s be honest. For the past five months I’ve been doing what I do best and ignoring my blog, weeping at videos of cute puppies and forsaking life as a sack of shit. It only took me until October 12th to remember that I am a blogging goddess and it’s time I picked up my pen and paper, put it down again, remember that blogging is digital and fire up my battered MacBook to give the people what they really want: a tale of the time I saw Justin Bieber in concert. Continue reading “how to cope with seeing Justin Bieber in concert”

how to be the best Instagrammer you can be

Looking good and shoving it in other people’s faces is great, and it’s made increasingly greater (and easier) by every Millennial’s favourite app: Instagram. Pretending you’re someone else online is an art form, and one that I’ve discussed as recently as last week on my blog. Seen as though I am unoriginal as fuck and unable to come up with anything interesting to talk about, I’ve decided to take this nastiness and direct it at Instagram’s finest, having embraced the fact I hate everything.

Getting any amount of attention on Instagram is somewhat difficult for anyone who isn’t the size of a Bowtruckle with a “glam squad” on the payroll. Convincing other people that your life is worthy of a double-tap can be hard; I am nearing 450 followers (groundbreaking, I know) and am yet to surpass the 15 likes mark on most of my pictures which is of course preposterous. But that doesn’t mean I don’t know the secret to a successful life on the ‘gram. Continue reading “how to be the best Instagrammer you can be”

a celebration of glorious makeup

The evolution of my makeup skills has been slow and painful. There were the days that a slick of mascara and some finger-applied foundation were all I donned for a night out:


Peace, man.

The black-eyed metal rocker eye-makeup overload I-want-to-be-Taylor-Momsen phase (nailed it):

1157427_10153222809125451_1331408073_n Continue reading “a celebration of glorious makeup”

tricking people into thinking you don’t have shit hair

So I woke up this morning feeling like P Diddy. And not ‘cause I brushed my teeth with JD before I went to sleep, but cos I agree with him that Drake needs a few punches if he’s flirting with your wife. Continue reading “tricking people into thinking you don’t have shit hair”