#throwbackthursday: what’s wrong with the here and now?

It’s Thursday, and like many slaves to the gram, I just uploaded a picture of me as a baba to Instagram, slapped an ‘earlybird’ filter on it, and shared it with the world with a #tbt hashtag. Isn’t it fucking cute (I look like an egg).

image (4)

Throwbacks are very much en vogue; ever since it became oh so easy to share your every whimsical thought with the world on social media, and even categorise that shit with a hashtag (which by the way I never thought would catch on), people everywhere have been sharing their nostalgia for their past selves (but only on a #throwbackthursday, or the occasional #flashbackfriday if they miss the boat). Continue reading “#throwbackthursday: what’s wrong with the here and now?”

15 reasons that your school days were the best days of your life

It’s been said before, and there’s no doubt in my little mind that before the decade is out a lot of us will have said it to our own kids: school days really are the best times of our lives:


While yes, puberty is an awful mistress, and it’s truly not easy growing up, the amount of fun to be had during our early teenage years far outways the negatives (I would hope). Thinking back to my school days, I can’t believe just how much time has sped up since I was roaming the playground and scranning down in the canteens; it’s mental. Continue reading “15 reasons that your school days were the best days of your life”