a harry potter epiphany

So in the long dark days of the summer my mind tends to spend most of its time thinking about Harry Potter and chocolate. Sometimes at the same time. This has led me to have an epiphany so blowing of the mind that I felt the need to resurrect my blog simply to discuss it. Even if noone comments I might just start commenting on the post anyway with more HP musings as they enter my brain. Continue reading “a harry potter epiphany”

birthdays and sunsets

So yes I may have been slack at posting this week, but that’s only because it has taken me until now to stop crying with laughter. Easter weekend was as always a treat, with London delivering some delicious sunshine for all to enjoy even on Bank Holiday Monday which is usually a load of rainy dreary shite. Continue reading “birthdays and sunsets”


So it would appear that spending two weeks exercising regularly and eating well has had the opposite effect on me than would be expected; I’m currently feeling like I’ve been run over by the Hogwarts Express and have my own personal Dementor setting up camp in the corner of my bedroom.

So as you can probably tell, I’ve been taking a short writing hiatus (I am so Tom De Longe from Blink) and will return to my glorious blogging throne in fire and blood once I am finished watching Mulan and eating nutritious Supernoods for strength. Continue reading “apologies”

So on Wednesday I had a bit of a meltdown day. You know the kind; it seems like the world is actively trying to get in the way of anything good happening to you, and you spend the day wishing that everyone and everything would just fuck off. I’d had a couple of cocktails the night before which probably didn’t help anything, and to make matters even worse my eyebrows looked like shit, which was always going to put me in a bad mood. Continue reading “…”


Ello, Bonjour, Καλημερα and welcome! my name is Madeleine, hailing from God’s own country of Yorkshire and daydreaming through 20s life in London town. As I’m shit at keeping secrets, it’s probably best to come clean now; I’ve never written a blog for myself in my life. But please don’t hit the top right red-cross-of-death just yet, ‘cause it might be that I’m actually alright at it… Continue reading “aloha”