a celebration of glorious makeup

The evolution of my makeup skills has been slow and painful. There were the days that a slick of mascara and some finger-applied foundation were all I donned for a night out:


Peace, man.

The black-eyed metal rocker eye-makeup overload I-want-to-be-Taylor-Momsen phase (nailed it):

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thoughts on keyboard warriors

Like everyone on the planet I’m a complete social media addict, and I too spend my mornings, evenings, nights and everything in between scrolling through various news feeds on my phone to keep up with the lives of people who I probably don’t really care much about whatsoever. We’re all addicted to information; following the meltdowns, relationships and eating habits of the population has become real genuine entertainment for us.

Now, I didn’t really used to post much on Facebook or Twitter until I started this blog, but I’m pretty sure I now come under the category of an ‘annoying Facebooker’. This in turn gives me the right to give a load of shit to other people who use social media like a mother-fucking diary. Continue reading “thoughts on keyboard warriors”

a week of ups and downs

So I’ve come to the conclusion over the past few months that the world has gone entirely mad. People think it’s acceptable to send death threats to other humans for being successful (I’m looking at you all you people who want Justin Bieber to die; he’s a 20 year old boy for fucks sake), Tony Blair, warmongerer of the decade, was named philanthropist of the fucking year in 2014, and I was yesterday refused service for a scratch card at sainos, and we all know the supermarkets are in the shit anyway without refusing their customers. Continue reading “a week of ups and downs”

the myth of ‘casual drinks’: the third drink dilemma

The biggest myth about life in your 20s is that you’re mature enough to go for ‘casual drinks’. These fabled outings see us all end up on our arses at 5am, wondering just how we ended up quite so wankered. Casual drinks always seem to be followed by some life re-evaluation, and the vow to not break the ‘three drink rule’ next time (you can do it baby).

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how to enjoy a skiing holiday if you’re shit at skiing

January is such a wanky month, isn’t it. Winter in general for me is just not the one – all the extra layers add to the illusion that I may infact be the Michelin man, and having to toast my hands when I get home just so I can feel them again is just not ideal.

There are some (perhaps mentally instable) people among us, however, who love it. They can’t wait for the summer days of sticky tube rides and frivolous late-night sunset boozing to be over so they can get out their winter woolies and experience the joy of wrapping up against the harsh winds (weather bomb, anyone?). Continue reading “how to enjoy a skiing holiday if you’re shit at skiing”

15 reasons that your school days were the best days of your life

It’s been said before, and there’s no doubt in my little mind that before the decade is out a lot of us will have said it to our own kids: school days really are the best times of our lives:


While yes, puberty is an awful mistress, and it’s truly not easy growing up, the amount of fun to be had during our early teenage years far outways the negatives (I would hope). Thinking back to my school days, I can’t believe just how much time has sped up since I was roaming the playground and scranning down in the canteens; it’s mental. Continue reading “15 reasons that your school days were the best days of your life”

sugar addiction: i’ve gone cold turkey

My name’s Madi and I’m a sugarholic.

Like most people on the planet (saying that makes me feel better), I overindulged over Christmas. Prior to December, I’d actually managed to get into a nice routine of three meals a day, and kept snacking to a minimum (which is a momentous achievement for myself), but the festivities reeled me back in (much like a crack addict) to an earlier version of myself, who snacked all day on chocolatey goodness and slept past midday. Continue reading “sugar addiction: i’ve gone cold turkey”

thoughts on the political media and the freedom of speech

There’s something not quite right at the moment, isn’t there? Whenever we look at the news, the newspaper or the Daily Mail sidebar of shame (I look too) there’s nothing but terror, organised crime and reasons to mistrust and actively oppose other humans.
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shark attack

Long ago (about a month ago) when I promised that I had a tale to tell about the Jaws ride at Universal, I was unsure on whether or not I was really willing to share my shark attack shame with the world, as it has haunted me ever since.

This blog seems to have made me disregard all my shame, however (as you can see by the picture I posted of myself in that previous post), and so perhaps the hilarity of my shark-baiting days is Internet-worthy. Continue reading “shark attack”

dreams do come true

I brewed up a successful batch of Polyjuice Potion, and became Hermione Granger (took me fucking ages to get right). Spent the day with Harry and Ron throwing shit at Filch’s cat, then had a go on Viktor Krum later on and was not disappointed.
Unsure on how I’ve still not got my name down for Hogwarts


Happy Saturday.